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days of vacation are few

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preparing hard for two consecutive days of vacation are few.Reporters asked Erickson, Is he afraid of habit trained players adapt to this rhythm  In this regard, Eriksson smiled once again showed his attitude to life:. "In fact, not only in football, life would be very hard work, very hard to break and then we will focus again on January 5 next year, opened from March 7 Super have nine weeks time, which is enough. In Europe, I only need seven weeks now preparing enough training, to ensure that the team has a good technical and tactical and physical, to meet the new season challenge. "Club general manager Suiguo Yang admitted that the team will uphold the nike flyknit trainer sale fine traditions of the original strict management, but also believe that foreign coaches the team's approach. He said: "The fitness coach will give each team member out of a physical training program, the players were conscious during the holidays to keep the body functioning according to plan or if anyone lazy indulgence, and when the next training camp, do not lie about the data, and much more. Eriksson and could not escape the eyes of the coaching staff. "From routine to confrontationIt stands to reason, the team recovery training just over a week, long-distance running team training should be aerobic physical reserves based. However, coach Sven-Goran Eriksson's team outset stressed the ball against the training, this outstanding combination of confrontational training and combat, and very different from the past.Sven-Goran Eriksson's training ground, showing two out and former Genbao 




distinct style. Eriksson is very quiet, but when he shouted loudly, they often are encouraging: "! Strike, great" as the team's tactical coach, Max told reporters, "He was very professional, very learned, very refined, he will not yell to show authority, for me is a learning process. "In addition to different styles, targeted training is really not the same. Xu Genbao era, the team is more focused on mass cut the ball routine, often pay attention to positioning and during training, only 11 people in the last moments before the stressed group game against a shooting. Coach Sven-Goran Eriksson's team in training full adversarial, whether it is part of the game or the group game, have stressed defends the ball. Players will fight for every ball frequently put shovel, due to release of personality, but the laughter on the field a lot more.For training style changes, captain Wang Shenchao'd bluntly: "All the players are  nike lunarglide 6 cheap very actively involved in the training, are very fond of this way of training the team from top to bottom is the new coach of the team recognized that they GMT December. 16, Zhang Zhe rare officially joined Wolfsburg, the Bundesliga's official website interviewed once played in the Bundesliga, the Chinese players Shao Jiayi Shao Jiayi Zhang Zhe rare praise and Kagawa somewhat similar.Q: Zhang Zhe rare joined Wolfsburg in Germany is big news in China has also been concerned about it Shao Jiayi: Yes, you can be on the network, newspapers fine everywhere to see this news, the fans are very excited, this is a great news, because the effectiveness of China 



for a long time no one of Europe's top leagues.Q: Please introduce Zhang Zhe rare.Shao Jiayi: He is a good young man, very quiet, I know him, he is my teammate and friend. His very character, has been looking forward to participate in Europe's top leagues, he likes a good car.Q: Did he make you decide to make recommendations to him yet Shao: He asked me some in Germany, I just said to him the good side, especially in German football. Bundesliga Super League level and is compared to another level, which is a huge jump, the standard here is probably the highest in the world.Q: Allofs said Zhang Zhe thin has enormous potential, and what his strengths are Shao: I agree with him, Zhang Zhe thin young and dynamic, technology and mind, I think he has it all. Of course, he needs time to adapt.Q: The most suitable for his position is Shao: He likes to play up front middle, but I think better left winger. His speed, his feet can kick, shoot, pass the ball well, he is very dangerous in attack position on any front.Q: Debu Lao inherent squad unshakable position, Wolfsburg are also many other good players, Zhang Zhe rare ability to take place Shao Jiayi: Yes, there are a lot of Wolfsburg's top players, including within , Hund, etc., but Zhang Zhe rare is completely different, though  nike free tr fit 3 onlinenot as good as his body inside  strong, but he quickly, in my opinion Technology better. Zhang Zhe thin may not be immediately starting 11, he needs a couple of months to adapt and training to prove myself, but I believe he has the ability to eventually compete main location.Q: Zhang Zhe 


after reading all this season

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r League match of the season, a Perrin did not fall over, after reading all this season, he basically did. enjoyed the weekend. I admire his professionalism, this is work. "In addition, according to French media reports, "European Times" survey this year's November 6 shows that in France, 92% of people dissatisfied with their work environment, "they do not like Open Office, the office would like to be able to separate them unbearable noise open office. "And the French have a very high demand for food, but Perrin did not show them. "In this time, he is like an expert as to tell us something not heard of French cuisine, then said some of his views regarding diet, though  nike free 4.0 v2 sale chat, but we all thought he was eating, the absolutely expert General and colleagues have everyone eat cafeteria, and go outside noodle, what we eat, what he ate, never pay attention. "Media also said Perrin who you see a trace of arrogance, he's approachable get everyone's approval. After training on December 14, and Perrin met two little girls wanted a photo with him, he smiled and let these two little girls playing in the side of the staff smiled and said, "He is like a child, it is estimated They remembered seeing their children right. "occasional fans want a photo with the players, he will take the initiative to let the players in the past," he felt a player, we should be more exchanges and fans, after all, the current situation of Chinese football special support of the fans is very important. "Perrin at work is a religious man, according to the Football Association sources, 





"Asian preliminaries last in Sharjah, UAE, Fu Bo was still led after the two sides starting lineup out, Chinese coaches to go outside to warm up with the players, Perrin himself in the locker room and took out a book, above the already densely written, the original full details of the Iraqi players. Each player's style, what kicks the ball, all clearly written, he controls Iraq starting list, the corresponding data own book on the players marked out, one by one account with Fu Bo. "Shanghai yesterday ushered in the most chilly winter day. Dianshan Lake cold wind blowing, knife-like grab Swedish coach Sven-Goran Eriksson curled neck flushed. This is the football club was founded on the Hong Kong group, ushered in the first day open to the media.The new club architecture, the new foreign  nike free 3.0 v5 salecoach the team, the new training methods, so that the position of the deepest base in Qingpu Oriental Land hinterland this training ground, ushered in one kind of silently changing: every moment, as if all new a.From roar to smileHave you ever seen a dignified coach, told reporters very humbly say "sorry" it  Yes, this is served as England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson A unique leak handling media relations.Training before the press briefing, the media asked the Swedes: "What position the team needs reinforcement " Eriksson immediately responded with a professional smile: "If I tell you the answer, it would seem I was very professional, for existing players are not fair. I'm sorry, I can not answer your question. "Of course, there are not smiling Eriksson time. Yesterday's group 



match, he saw two backs while plug assists, angry whistle was immediately halted. In emphasizing the only allowed after a fullback assists, but also exercise a more rational defense stations principles.Obviously, Xu Genbao coaching style a bit like Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson legend. Ferguson criticized style "hairdryer" brought out David Beckham and other "1992 generation", Xu Genbao also rely on the "hairdryer" strict management, brought out the Fan Zhiyi, Sun Xiang and Wu Lei, such as three generations of good players. However, when David Beckham, the Neville brothers and gradually become stars, they seem to prefer to know how to communicate and listen Eriksson. This is David Beckham has been very reason for the Swedes.From retreat to holidayAll along, Xu Genbao coached team has been able to show an energetic spirit and strict management, militarization, is an important factor for success. Among them, retreat-style training mode, so the team from top to bottom and always maintain the "continuous training." air jordan 6 sale Cai Huikang striker said he would train the year 360 days, holidays are often a luxury.However, with the arrival of Sven-Goran Eriksson, all this appears to be a huge change. After the two-week training, the team will usher in the two-week vacation, which is unthinkable in the past. During you know, Xu Genbao led, once training camp began, it means 

received the complaint ca

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adviser, said White, the association received the complaint can revoke the punishment decision a "circulating arbitration", belong to the system flaws, China's urgent need for  nike free tr fit 3 sale  institutional reform of Arbitration for Sport. However, the Football Association responded that this is not a system flaw, but instead comply with the relevant provisions of the FIFA.Although only a one word, but the year-long dispute, from January this year, began to move suddenly encountered Mrs "yin and yang contract" storm. So far, the league allows managers to identify the parties have not yet irrefutable, and using the system solution to the dispute. This can not help worrying: the bewildering "unsolved" the future will not be staged  "Yin and yang contract" that disrupt the football industry fair, reasonable and competitive, "cancer" orderly environment, can be completely eradicated Compared with , Mrs is lucky, he at least play on the ball. The deep "registered door" , starting from the opening of the new CBA season's first match day, you play without the ball, the Shanghai team is still waiting for uncompromising, Olympians Club, Beijing men's basketball team and the CBA consensus. Current progress that has been commissioned by the club Shanghai attorney, issued a lawyer's letter to the Chinese Basketball Association. Insiders said that the Shanghai team sent a lawyer's letter to the Chinese Basketball Association, showed that the two sides in the early communication "registered" incident divergence is relatively large, had to "upgrade" to resolve through legal channels to 



coordinate.Thus, the reason for the two "door" behind are not identical. A focus of the event is Wu Guanxi, basketball guild regulations and legal aspects of the industry had "common ground", the CBA was once accused of "failing to have rules." The more the manager onto the cusp, the "Registration" incident does not just happen in Wu Guanxi who, after missing a total of seven foreign aid work visa, registration audit results therefore show not to pass, but they have participated in the first two league.BAO Ming - xiao sports industry experts said that as the CBA's management, the Chinese Basketball Association's problem is that lax implementation of the system, lack of policy stability and continuity. "Now the question is, when the operation of a proposed policy, too much discretion, or to institutional and individual behavior-oriented, strict implementation of the system." An industry source believes that the Shanghai team made quickly to the Chinese Basketball Association, "to resolve conflicts through legal ways, we are nike free run 3 mens  very pleased to see the industry, it is good to promote the sport, along industry standardization and legalization of the road to go on."In contrast, a case of Mrs root of the problem is undoubtedly the "yin and yang of the contract." In white attorney can significantly insisted month, why not find out the 2010 version of the contract had been altered to make the punishment, is not convincing.The Chinese Football Association comments on the 2010 version of the contract are: the contract was signed in 2011 by the new contract can b




e submitted to the registration department of the Chinese Football Association replaced and re-record the failure, and Qingdao can never claim the rights to the contract, changes and the reasons for further information. However, according to the energy sources, the possibility of being replaced by the 2010 version of the contract does not exist, because, according to industry characteristics, version 2011 contract only supplement the 2010 version of the contract, mainly in terms of salary, the Football Association is already understand why the 2010 version of the contract and shall not alter the current know.So, hinder the development of Chinese football, "yin and yang contract", exactly what is the solution  Legal experts suggest: First, the Chinese Football Association should introduce relevant financial audit perspective regulatory system. Secondly, among the Chinese Football Association, Football Club, t nike free 6.0 mens  he broker should establish an information sharing platform to network contract for wages vouchers and tax basis. Third, modeled on the implementation of European football practice football agent system, in particular a lawyer as a broker. These recommendations also shows that in many respects urgent follow-up, the Chinese professional soccer system is still not perfect blank.When the curtain is about to fall in 2014, disputes the two controversial incidents, which could allow the parties involved to accept the final conclusion, is still unknown. This is not only a test of the manager's ability and wisdom, but also a test of whether they are the 

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